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Gazette Newspapers offers Letters To Election as a forum for opinions about candidates and issues in the Nov. 5, 2019, special election for the First District City Council seat and the March 3, 2020, primary election.

We will try to print all letters received, with the following exceptions: personal character attacks or comments that may be libelous; organized letter campaigns; or letters not dealing directly with local issues.

Letters from candidates are accepted, with the exception that no letters attacking another candidate will be printed the week before the election. Letters should be 200 words or less (300 as space permits), must be signed and any affiliations relating to any campaign should be listed.

Email letters to editor@gazettes.com or mail to 5225 E. Second St., Long Beach, CA 90803.

Union Endorsement

Dear Editor,

It seems as if the November elections in 2018 happened just the other day. The rush of seeing Americans from all walks of life get to the polls in record numbers, the days and weeks spent walking for labor-friendly candidates all over the state, and the anxiety of waiting some days to find out who actually won each race. It was an excellent time. We even saw Senator Ricardo Lara win big in his bid for California Insurance Commissioner.

This prompted a special election to replace him and we, the International Association of Machinists who represent 3,000 Long Beach city employees, lost a great ally in Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez as she ascended to her new position in the State Senate. We are overjoyed that labor has another friend in that body and we congratulate her and thank her for her service, but we were left in uncertainty as to who would take her place, and who would be the next champion for the working families of Long Beach’s First District.

During the last several months, we have watched carefully as several candidates have vied for the recently vacated First District Council seat. We made a decision early on that we were not going to get swept up by a candidate for any reason other than their commitment to their community, the First District residents who are so often overlooked, and the city employees who service that community.

After great deliberation, we have finally made that decision and we hope that you will join us in supporting her, knocking on doors for her, and making phone calls for her. Her, an advocate for her varying communities: women, minorities, working families, and the ADA community among many others. We hereby announce our endorsement for the only viable and promising candidate to continue the progress we as a community have made in recent years: Mary Zendejas.

Richard Suarez

Grand Lodge Representative

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

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