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Gazette Newspapers offers Letters To Election as a forum for opinions about candidates and issues in the Nov. 5, 2019, special election for the First District City Council seat and the March 3, 2020, primary election.

We will try to print all letters received, with the following exceptions: personal character attacks or comments that may be libelous; organized letter campaigns; or letters not dealing directly with local issues.

Letters from candidates are accepted, with the exception that no letters attacking another candidate will be printed the week before the election. Letters should be 200 words or less (300 as space permits), must be signed and any affiliations relating to any campaign should be listed.

Email letters to editor@gazettes.com or mail to 5225 E. Second St., Long Beach, CA 90803.

Ganem Supporter

Dear Editor,

Joe Ganem is the most qualified person for Long Beach City Council District 1.

Ganem has years of community volunteering in the city of Long Beach. He has seen and helped this city expand city management, residential expansion, entertainment programs and helping to house the homeless.

Joe has a written plan to help the homeless get off the streets and have safer neighborhoods for families and tourists.

Joe loves Long Beach. Joe is involved in making it a better place for families, workers and visitors.

I have lived in Long Beach since 1956. I support Joe Ganem as the best person for the job.

Vote for Joe Ganem, the candidate who cares.

Elizabeth Cino, Past President

West Gateway Community Association

Strong Qualifications

Dear Editor,

With so many talented, enthusiastic and dedicated candidates vying for the District 1 City Council position, longtime resident Joe Ganem's qualifications demand consideration for our vote.

 Ganem's successful experience includes service as a police officer, city administrator, trade and environmental association executive, and governmental affairs representative at the state and federal level. He was appointed to the Homeless Services Advisory Committee and Continuum of Care Board.

As the past president of the Downtown Residential Council (and current board member), Joe Ganem helped form several neighborhood associations working with residents to address local issues.

Joe Ganem's thoughtful hands-on approach to our local homeless, affordable housing, parking and public safety challenges have prepared him to lead our residents in District 1.

Vote for Joe Ganem on Nov. 5.

Judy Cairnes

Long Beach

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