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Happy November to you. This is a very special month because it's the time of year that we officially celebrate the heroic efforts of our veterans. We also take time to gather with friends and family in honor of Thanksgiving Day. It's a great time of the year.

Every year, I am asked to speak to the Naples community on Veterans Day. It has become one of my favorite events and usually, the entire Council District staff is in attendance. We all love the event and the community spirit behind it.

I was thinking about what topic I would talk about this year as there are so many options given what is happening on a national and local level. I have decided that my talk this year will focus on the topic of service above politics. It's so relevant at this time.

When I think about the sacrifice of our veterans, my husband included, I think of no other word more vividly than the word, "service." Service to our country, service to our values and ideals, service to our allies, and service to one another is what veterans are made of. It matters not what political party is in power, or what the divisive rhetoric may be, the men and women who serve our nation do it for reasons beyond politics.

They do it because we need them to serve and because they are brave enough to know that our system of government depends on people like them to step up. Those who serve step in the arena, even though it may be easier to judge the service of others from the stands. They put themselves out there, and they make a difference.

The concept of service as carried out by our current military and our veterans is something we can all learn from and incorporate into our daily lives. I think about the issue a lot when I think about my own service on the City Council. For me, it has never been about politics and it never will be. I am blessed to be able to have served the community in my "day job" (as a prosecutor) for 20 years, and the concept of public service is all I have ever known.

To me, serving on the council is about giving back to a city that has provided my family and me a place to call "home," and a place where we have laid down our roots. Giving back to our city, in the small way that I do, is a service I am honored to have.

On this Veterans Day, please take a moment to thank the men and women who have served our country with significant self-sacrifice and bravery. Honor our military men and women because what they have done and what they were willing to do for all of us is the ultimate definition of service. I am inspired by them and will continue to live up to the ideals they have created as the foundation for our nation.

Suzie Price represents the Third District on the Long Beach City Council.

NOTE: This first appeared as a letter to constituents via email.

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