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Concerns over salaries caused faculty to hold rallies Monday at California State University, Long Beach, officials said.

California State University campuses are in an impasse and in the fact-finding process concerning salary negotiations, officials said.

The 25,000-member California Faculty Association, including faculty and lecturers, are getting signatures for an authorization to strike, Toni Molle, director of public affairs for CSU, said. Voting will continue through Oct. 28.

“During this juncture in the collective bargaining process, it is not uncommon for labor groups to take a strike vote to authorize their leadership to initiate a strike once the collective bargaining process concludes,” Molle said. “A strike is not in the best interest of CSU students.”

CFA is asking for a 5% general salary increase and CSU has offered 2%.

As of April, the average salary for a full professor in the CSU was $96,064, Molle said. The average salary for all tenure-track faculty was $86,314 and the average salary for full-time lecturer was $59,333, she said.

During the last two years, CSU invested $129.6 million in compensation with $65 million going to faculty.

“Compensation remains a top priority,” Molle said. “That’s why faculty were the only group of employees to receive salary increases and tenure-track salary promotions during the recession years.”

—Emily Thornton

Emily is a staff writer covering higher education and other various topics for Gazette Newspapers. She has a background in weekly and daily newspapers and a bachelor’s in communication from La Sierra University.

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