A group of grassroots activists have organized a candidate forum for those trying to become the next First District City Council representative.

Called Our Revolution Long Beach, members describe the organization as a non-partisan group of grassroots activists who are building progressive power from the ground up. Kathy Dasilva is the group's political outreach chair.

"Democreacy is always strongest when voters are able to express their priorities to and hear directly from those who aspire to represent them," Dasilva said.

Our Revolution has contacted seven of the eight candidates running to replace Lena Gonzales, who was elected 33rd District state Senator. Six have agreed to attend. They are:

Elliot Gonzalez, Ray Morquecho, Hashim Muhammad, Mariela Salgado, Misi Tagaloa and Mary Zendejas, Shirley Huling has not responded and Asha Nichols has not been reached.

The forum is free to attend and will be from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 1. The Toxic Toast Records Theatre, 755 Pine Ave., will be the location and the nonprofit Willmore Baking Company will have baked items at the event.

The format will include brief statements from each candidate, then answers of prepared questions presented by a moderator. There also will be questions from the audience to end the evening.

The special election will be on Nov. 5. The candidate with the most votes wins the seat, even if that is less than a majority of votes cast.

For more information, go to Facebook.com/OurRevolutionLB or email 1kathy.dasilva@gmail.com.

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