Lucketté, a jewelry store and women’s fashion boutique situated in the heart of Naples’ business district, is celebrating its first anniversary this week.

Owner Louisa Bir, a gemologist and artist who designs custom jewelry, said she’s managed to make a home for her intimate store thanks to a warm welcome and growing number of loyal repeat customers from the neighborhood.

“I love the relationships I’ve built,” Bir said about the sense of community she’s found in Naples since opening Lucketté. “I have customers who bring me cookies. Even though Long Beach is a big city, there’s a small town feel here.”

Bir, whose jewelry and other retail in the store are inspired by her world travels, lives on the Peninsula in Belmont Shore with her husband, son and French bulldog. The dog also comes with her most days to the store.

“I’ve lived on the Peninsula for five years, but since opening the store I have such a bigger sense of community,” she said. “Walking my dog in the morning, people say, ‘Hey Louisa.’”

Besides community support, Bir also attributes the success of her store — even in an ever-more online shopping world — to the tangible and personal nature of jewelry.

“Lucky for us, people still want to try it and feel it and see how it wears,” she said. “We have an environment here where people can hang out and have a conversation about a custom design that you cannot have online.”

Lucketté, at 5520 E. Second St., specializes in handcrafted jewelry made in the USA, with ethically sourced stones. Other retail carried there, including clothing, accessories and home goods, are from local and international sources.

Everything about the shop is personal to Bir, even the store’s name, which was inspired by the surname of Bir’s grandmother, a Frenchwoman and war bride who lost her husband at a young age and raised five children by herself.

“She was a big inspiration to me,” Bir said. “She was very powerful. And she loved to travel, and that’s where I get it from — I love to travel and source stones.”

Bir, who was born in the United Kingdom, carries a sketchbook or camera with her almost everywhere in case inspiration strikes, and she calls her jewelry “miniature works of art” created through daydreams. She said she wants her work to express strength, love and faith, bringing delight to others.

To celebrate its first year as a brick-and-mortar in Naples, Lucketté is offering customers chances to win raffles and door prizes tonight (Thursday) during Naples Fest 2019. There also will be music in the parking lot by the band Kor4.

For details, call 562-320-8443 or visit

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