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Most people who follow the news are aware that there will be an election on June 3.

Less understood is the fact that there will be two elections that day.

City Clerk Larry Herrera calls it Two Vote Tuesday. With the increasing popularity of vote by mail, many Long Beach residents already are voting twice — once for city offices and once for county, state and federal offices.

In Long Beach, June 3 is the general municipal election. It also is the date of the Statewide Primary Election. Herrera’s office takes care of the municipal vote while the Los Angeles County Clerk and Recorder has responsibility for the state.

The scenario is required by the tight time span between the municipal primary and general elections. Because there is less than two months between the April 8 primary and the June 3 general (or runoff) election, it is impossible to add Long Beach’s contested races to the already-long county ballot, Herrera said.

“The goal is to make sure voters in Long Beach know that they need to sign-in twice and cast two ballots,” Herrera said of his 2 Vote Tuesday outreach efforts. “It’s a minor inconvenience brought on by the tight election schedules, but we want to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.”

City and county sample and mail-in ballots are sent to voters separately, and it is important to keep them separate before mailing them back. It is critical, Herrera said, that the right ballot goes to the right place in order to be sure your votes to be counted. If a city ballot is sent in a county envelope, or vice-versa, the ballot is verified and sent to the proper agency, but that could take several days.

For those who vote on June 3, they still will have only one polling place. But when they get to the polling place, there will be two sign-in tables and two ballots to fill in. You also can get two “I Voted” stickers.

For more information about 2 Vote Tuesday or to request a mail-in ballot, go to

—Harry Saltzgaver

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