UPDATE: The City Council cancelled the closed session today (Tuesday) and Mayor Bob Foster said they would talk about it next week.

Long Beach’s City Council will meet behind closed doors Tuesday to consider starting the process to rebuild the Civic Center, including City Hall, the Main Library and the old county courthouse.

The agenda for the closed session on the city’s website says that the “Price and Terms of Sale” will be discussed, but City Manager Pat West said that the aim is to determine whether the council wants to begin the process, called a Request For Proposals, to redevelop the city property between Broadway and Ocean Boulevard, and Pacific and Magnolia avenues.

“We need to determine whether we’re serious about this,” West said. “To do that, we have to put something on the table.”

There has been concern for several years regarding the stability of the 14-story City Hall building, as well as the roof of the Main Library. There was a proposal two years ago to close the Main Library, but the council decided to instead repair the roof to stop leaks. In 2011, a report warned that elevators and some other components of the City Hall tower might not withstand an earthquake.

West said that the entire block — including the parking structure and the old Los Angeles County courthouse — is included in the initial consideration for an RFP. The exception is the land dedicated as Lincoln Park. The city’s Charter requires that in order to develop dedicated parkland, it must be replaced on a two-for-one ratio with parks serving the same area.

The closed session is scheduled for 4:30 p.m., before the regular Tuesday City Council meeting. If any action is taking, it should be reported at the council’s open session.

—Harry Saltzgaver

Harry has been executive editor of Gazette Newspapers for more than 26 years. He has been in the newspaper business for more than 35 years, with experience on both weekly and metropolitan daily papers in Colorado and California.

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