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CAD (Computer Assisted Design) students working with Mr. Berlin to create 3D virtual objects they will print on 3D printers

Students entering the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade will have a chance to customize their own learning experience this summer.

It is a two-week summer enrichment program called “The Academy of Saints” at St. Anthony High School. The program will be offered for the first time this summer.

According to Renee Salvador, St. Anthony's director of marketing and public relations, Brett Minter took the lead in developing a program tailored to junior high school students. She is this year’s summer school principal.

“The classes highlight so much of what the high school already does so well in regards to its STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) focused curriculum, while keeping the content fun for sixth, seventh and eighth graders,” Salvador said.

“We have long wanted to offer the opportunity for junior high students to experience St. Anthony High School,” she said.

Classes will be taught by SAHS faculty who are experts in their respective subject matters. Students can select up to six classes in the STEAM field. According to Salvador, the goal is to have a maximum of 15 students per class.

A total of 14 class options are available.

Class options include “Competing & Coaching: The Mental Game,” “Discoveries in Poetry,” Engineering is Exciting,” Exploring Spanish Culture,” Giant 3D Letter Design,” “Sports Literature” and more.

There’s even a class where students can learn how to make their own cartoons.

In “Cartoon Animation,” students learn about the 12 fundamental principles of animation. Students can explore the animation process through drawings using pencil, paper and a Peg Bar. By the end of class, each student will complete a short animation and receive a compilation of the class’s work.

Another notable class seeks to teach math in a fun way. Called “The Art of Mathematics,” students will create art projects based on math equations, explore Tangrams, and plan a realistic trip to Ireland. Students also will have the chance to solve brain teasers while learning addition and subtraction facts.

For those interested in fashion, the “Wonderful World of Fashion” class is available. Students will be introduced to the fashion industry by learning concepts such as textiles, color theory, basic drawing and fashion styling. One of the projects include sketching out an outfit and bringing it to life using unconventional materials.

The two-week program will take place on Tuesday-Thursday, July 9-11 and July 16-18. Classes will run from 8:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.

Registration fee is $250 and covers all six classes. The fee is all-inclusive and will cover any materials necessary for the class. Class availability is contingent upon enrollment.

All classes will be at St. Anthony High School at 620 Olive Ave.

For a full list of classes or to register, go to

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