• The Port of Long Beach this week has awarded $58,000 in scholarships to 24 high school and college students seeking careers in fields related to the international trade and goods movement. This is the 21st year of the port’s scholarship program.

Scholarships were awarded to students in five categories.

Long Beach Unified School District Scholars included: Miguel Gonzalez, Octavio Lopez, Kevin Melvin, Liani Lye and Malin Ouk.

California State University, Long Beach, International Business Scholarships were awarded to: Vania Dailey, Jose Espeleta, David Iskander, Kyle Kakalia, Roberto Lara, Jacqueline Napalan, Daniella O’Neill, Robin Jerome Palaganas, Bonita Sim and Lhea Villarreal.

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Scholarships were given to the following students in the Long Beach City College International Business Program: Jill Mawson, Peggy Moss, Mei Raczkowski and Renata Vasquez.

Scholarships also were given to the following Global Logistics Specialist students at California State University, Long Beach: Tony Heng and Yoko Moro.

And finally, scholarships were given to the following Masters of Arts in the Global Logistics program at CSULB: Won Chung, Bree Franklin and Chun Yin Ip.

For more details about Port of Long Beach scholarships, go to www.polb.com/community/education/scholarships/.

• Tell us about outstanding students you know in Long Beach. Send suggestions for this column to editor@gazettes.com.

—Ashleigh Ruhl

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