At least two buildings’ glass doors were vandalized early morning Wednesday — but it is uncertain how much, or if anything was taken.

At about 7:30 a.m., Wednesday, the Long Beach Police Department responded to the Bay Shore Library after receiving a call from a passerby regarding broken glass at the location, said Nancy Pratt, LBPD public information officer.

Two sets of glass doors had either been smashed or damaged, and investigators said it was possible that someone may have entered the building. A search was conducted with the assistance of the K-9 unit, but no one was found inside the library.

Investigators said the exact loss was still being determined.

“One door on each side (one facing Bay Shore Avenue and one facing the parking lot) is broken — I guess they used a rock or something like that,” said Debi Vilander, branch supervisor. “They seem to have just run through. They took my cellphone. I don’t know if they were after something else specifically. We don’t keep anything in our cash drawer and we keep that open. It seems more like vandalism than them actually trying to take anything.”

While that investigation was taking place, LBPD also responded to a car wash located at the 5700 block of East Second Street in Naples. That call also involved a broken glass door. Investigators said that it did not appear that anyone entered the business or that anything was taken.

Pratt said that it is unknown whether the two incidents are related, and both investigations remain ongoing. Anyone with information on these incidents can call the LBPD Burglary Detail at 570-7351. Anonymous tips can be left through

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