Parts of the Long Beach Unified School District are still under construction, thanks to a bond called Measure K.

Approved in 2008, Measure K has allotted $1.2 billion in property taxes to renovate current school structures and build new facilities.

Wilson High New Track 2018

Wilson High School celebrated the installation of its new 400 meter synthetic running track and turf sports field in February.

Completed projects include a rebuilt turf athletic field, an improved fire alarm system, sprinkler system, updated plumbing, and a new auditorium and more at Wilson High School ($27 million); a new aquatic facility at Cabrillo High School, including new boys' and girls' locker rooms ($12 million); and an upgraded fire alarm system and ADA accessible ramp and staircase at the California Academy of Math and Science (CAMS) Technology ($899,000) to name a few.

But there's still work to be completed yet. Here's a look at what's in progress today in the district.

Jordan High School

Work is still underway at Jordan, where the first phase of the construction is nearing completion.

So far, the school has seen the addition of 49 new portable modules and the construction of buildings 1100 (arts classrooms), 1200 (media and communication classrooms) and 1300 (technical studies).

Jordan High School Classroom

An updated classroom at Jordan High School.

Today, construction is in progress for buildings 1400 (Jordan's Business and Entertainment School of Travel, Trade and Tourism) and 1500 (Architecture, Construction & Engineering classrooms). Additionally, modernizations to the band building are in progress.

Renaissance High School

Renaissance is nearing the end of the construction process and is expected to be completely finished with upgrades in time for the new school year in fall 2018.

Updates in progress include finishing touches on the new performance art building and physical education facilities. Portables are being removed from the campus and renovations to the fire alarm systems are being finalized.

Educare of Los Angeles in Long Beach (Barton Elementary School)

Educare Playground 2018

The playground is near completion at Educare of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

The new Educare building is almost completed, which includes an administation building, three one-story classroom buildings and an outdoor playground space.

Educare's model will provide research-based programs to prepare low-income children for kindergarten, an effort emphasized by Mayor Robert Garcia in tandem with the College Promise and scholarship programs to encourage students to pursue and excel in education.

The campus will be the first to operate in Southern California and is among 22 Educare campuses in the country and will serve 191 infant, toddler and preschool children.

Cleveland Elementary School

Construction began in January to update the school's HVAC systems, infrastructure, overhead projectors and interior lighting. Repairs are scheduled on the ceilings as well as to the existing infrastructure.

All projects are expected to be completed by the start of the school year in August. Budget is $10 million.

Kettering Elementary School

Construction has started for Kettering's updated HVAC installation. Much like Cleveland, the school's building will see updates to its interior lighting, overhead projectors and fire alarm system.

Construction began in January with no official end date as of today. Budget is $8.5 million.

Garfield Elementary School

Construction began in January to update the elementary school with a new HVAC system for six of the existing buildings on campus.

With a budget of $22 million, upgrades will be made to the buildings' electrical systems, fire alarm systems, interior finishes and ceiling and lighting systems. Updates also will be made to the school's ADA accessibility areas, including parking lots and restrooms.

Riley Elementary School

Along with other elementary schools, Riley will have updates completed in time for the new school year.

Updates include a new HVAC system, fire alarm system, new paint and infrastructure upgrades. Budget for the updates is $10.9 million.

Stephens Elementary School

With a $23 million budget, all buildings on campus will receive a new HVAC system, as well as upgrades to the ceilings, lighting and interior finishes. 

Additionally, a new artificial turf field will be installed in time for the 2018-2019 school year.

All Measure K bond information — including construction updates and costs — is available to the public online at

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