Yankee Doodles is no more.

Padlocks are on the doors of the well-known restaurant and bar on Ocean Boulevard in front of the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool complex. The business owners have filed for bankruptcy and ordered by the judge to close, according to the building owners.

Yankee Doodles opened in the historic building in 1982 under the management of Frank Bartolinni. The combination sports bar, pool hall and restaurant became a popular nightspot and game-day destination.

It also became a magnet for complaints, particularly from owners of the townhouses across Ocean Boulevard. Then-Third District Councilman Doug Drummond brokered a compromise between residents and the business that moved the main entrance so it faced the Belmont Plaza Pool, restaurant requirements were stiffened and other conditions placed on the operation.

In 2001, Yankee Doodles became involved in several more controversies, with then-Councilman Frank Colonna seeking its closure after several violent incidents, lawsuits against neighbors and the city, and more.

Bartolinni sold the bar in 2002 to two local businessmen — Mark Nevin and Chris Altomare. The pair came in saying they planned many changes, but there were few if any exterior changes.

Yankee Doodles found itself back in the news near the end of 2008, when a man was shot and killed outside after the bar had closed. The victim and suspect both lived nearby, and the bar never was directly involved in the legal case.

The building is owned by 4100 LLC, with Bob Luskin and Joe Vivilacqua as principals. The property has been listed for lease with Brian Russell of Coldwell Banker Commercial BLAIR WESTMAC.

There are few, if any, restrictions on the type of tenant that could go into the building, the owners said, with options ranging from a fitness club to a restaurant.

—Harry Saltzgaver

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Quick Comment
Quick Comment

I remember when it was Big John's ! Run-down then YD's . I will miss it!!!!!

Lew Gordon
Lew Gordon

As a native of LBC since 1960, does anyone remember when it was Uncle John's in the early to mid '70's?


I've mixed memories of Yankee Doodles, but I did enjoy playing pool there and the waitresses & bar staff were cool. The problems always were what was going on outside. The LBPD never made enough effort to keep tabs on the activities until it was too late and someone was causing, or was in trouble. Too bad it was a fun hangout.

NJ Cesarone
NJ Cesarone

Where WILL the drunks & local beach boys hang now??? No more Hof's Marina, no more giant pool, now Y.D.'s. Guess they'll have to more en masse to the bars on 2nd Street!! [wink]