Go Inward

Owner Kelsea Mazzocco is in the red and spiritual life coach Cori Cauble is in the white at Go Inward.

After facing multiple health challenges, Kelsea Mazzocco said she felt drawn to build a healing space in the community, a place where people from all walks of life could find positive change.

Trained as a spiritual teacher of Kundalini Yoga Meditation Technology, this busy real estate agent/wife/mother decided to open a hub for those seeking inner renewal.

The result was Go Inward, which Mazzocco describes as “a speakeasy-like healing sanctuary” located in the loft above Tilly’s and La Bella Boutique on Second Street in Belmont Shore. With its “hidden” entrance in the alley between Glendora and La Verne, Go Inward is unknown by many Long Beach residents. But an enthusiastic core of patrons helped the business celebrate its second anniversary on Oct. 1.

Mazzocco said that teachers began finding her as soon as she started; 35 practitioners now operate within the space. Clients partake in a variety of classes and self-care workshops or seek therapy through acupuncture, ThetaHealing®, reiki energy movement, craniosacral balancing, evolutionary astrology, personal re-patterning, intuitive life and business coaching, and more.

Spiritual life coach and close friend Cori Cauble said she was thrilled with the concept and decided to join Mazzocco immediately.

“We wanted to create an area for holistic self-care,” Cauble said. “We believed it was important to offer multiple modalities for people to access and solve their inner problems. Kelsea is a great guide; she provides a wealth of practices that support people’s internal systems.”

Mazzocco spoke humbly but enthusiastically about her offerings.

“Go Inward provides something like an iPhone upgrade for humans,” she explained. “We have a wide range of tools that help people learn how to manage their own state and become their own healer. Everything here is designed to move internal energy that has become stuck and stagnant.”

To that end, the business offers group instruction in breathing, meditation, and yoga as well as individual counseling. Personal blockages are targeted and released so that growth and healing can occur. Special programs have been designed for teens and tweens, expectant and new moms, and cancer patients.

In addition to its classes, Go Inward offers a plethora of special events. Last Saturday, clients attended a Full Moon in Aries Ceremony featuring yoga, meditation, and sound therapy. This Saturday, Oct. 19, there will be a two-hour workshop on Kundalini and creativity to help people discover their true purpose. Those seeking self-reflection and multi-sensory experiences can register for an overnight Kundalini campout near Joshua Tree, scheduled for the last weekend of October.

In celebration of the two-year anniversary, Go Inward is offering 10% off all services, packages, and retail items during the month of October (use promo code ANNIVERSARY10). To find out more about the studio and its programs, go to www.goinwardlb.com or download the free Go Inward app.

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