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On Record

Vinyl is back in style.

Which is why entrepreneur Gary Farley said it was a perfect time to turn his hobby for collecting music into his full time job as the owner of Third Eye Records. He opened the business in early June at 2701 E. Fourth St.

“We’ve been open for two weeks, and things are going great,” Farley said about his 870-square-foot store that sells a mix of vintage, collectible and new vinyl as well as vintage record boxes, posters, buttons, old record players and more. The store also will purchase good records from customers.

“I just have a love for music and a love for records,” the owner said. “I’ve been collecting records for more than 20 years. I have a lot of records. Now, I’m sharing them with different people, and I’m so excited to make a living doing this.”

CDs and cassette tapes are being replaced by music downloads online, but Farley said people are interested in owning records for nostalgic reasons. Nowadays, he said most independent labels, and many major labels are tapping into that feeling of nostalgia and pressing new vinyl records.

For details about Third Eye Records, call (714) 415-9814 or visit

KDB Offers More

Kitchen Den Bar, better known as KDB, has introduced several new games and is offering a Double Game Play Summer Fun Pass with hopes that local residents will spend some time at The Pike during the hottest months of the year.

“We have had remarkable success with our Summer Fun Pass the last two years,” said Bennie Thomas, the director of sales and marketing at KDB.“We are very excited to offer it again so families can continue to enjoy all that we have to offer. "

The new games available at the 40,000-square-foot KDB facility include: Milk Jug Toss, Harpoon Lagoon, Dizzy Chicken, Dirty Drivin’ and Explosive. Those are in addition to more than 140 other interactive arcade games and KDB’s bowling alley, restaurant and karaoke area.

For more about KDB at The Pike, visit or call 308-7529.

Michael’s To Go

Just in time for the start of summer events taking place outdoors, Michael’s Pizzeria — with locations at The Promenade and Naples — is offering a new picnic menu.

The Italian restaurant is offering a selection of five different puccias, or flatbread sandwich pouches, which come with a side salad. The meals cost $10, with a guarantee that the food will be GMO-free and made from scratch in one of the restaurants’ exhibition kitchens. The orders can be placed ahead of time and picked up upon arrival.

According to a release from Michael’s, the puccias are ideal for Duffy boat rides, work luncheons, in-flight dining, a day at the beach, concerts in the park, movies at the beach and “any time the occasion calls for a meal on the move.”

For details, or to place an order, visit

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