Second District Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce said Monday that she would wait until July 9 to ask the City Council to consider a name for the new Main Library.

Instead of celebrating a decade of serving Belmont Shore's humans and pets, Pussy & Pooch will be closing their Long Beach doors permanently around the end of July.

There’s a silent epidemic going round that’s putting millions of American retirees at risk. It’s doubled in size in the last decade, it’s showing no sign of slowing down, and it’s remained largely unrecognized.

It's official. The Civic Center Grand Opening has been set for the evening of July 29, with Long Beach's government operating out of the new City Hall the next day.

In the first real home she’s been able to call her own in about a decade, Army veteran Melissa Degnan apologizes for the narrow entryway, blocked by a couple of cardboard boxes stacked there, noting that she’s still getting organized after moving in a few months ago.

September is the target for opening the new Main Library downtown, and the search for a name is coming down to the wire with a deadline this Friday, June 21, for suggestions.

Rumblings of discontent have been increasing about street diet projects eliminating car lanes and adding bike lanes, primarily in east and south Long Beach. But the latest flap is about one corner on one intersection 54th Place and Ocean Boulevard.

A pilot was found dead after a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department helicopter on Tuesday, June 18, discovered the wreckage of a helicopter that had crashed on the west side of Catalina Island.

This semester, Whittier Elementary School students were introduced to the underlying elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Joined by their parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents, the youngsters spent 15 weeks looking at local issues, learning the fundamentals of problem solving, and bra…

A development project similar to Long Beach’s Douglas Park could soon come to the city’s former Boeing C-17 manufacturing plant, a 93-acre plot of land located between the Long Beach Airport and Cherry Avenue.

Counterfeit tickets led to a large crowd of family members getting stopped outside the entrance to Wilson High’s stadium for about an hour Thursday evening, June 13, as the school’s graduation ceremony was underway, school officials say.

When the Long Beach Media Collaborative officially convened in 2017, the four publications involved — the Press-Telegram, the Long Beach Post website, the Grunion Gazette and the Long Beach Business Journal — sought to address the divide between those with internet access and those without.

This article is part of “The Housing Divide: Making it in Long Beach,” a series of stories from the Long Beach Media Collaborative examining the impacts of the statewide housing crisis on our city. The Collaborative was initiated by the Long Beach Community Foundation and is funded by the Kn…

In partnership with Ninth District City Councilman Rex Richardson and Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education board Megan Kerr, Jordan High school unveiled a new set of banners for the 2019 graduating seniors on Monday, June 10.