Sun, pool, cocktails ... sounds like a vacation, huh? With spring break come and gone and summer fast approaching, vacation spots have been on my mind.

I remember those days when all I used to pack where a pair of flip flops, a bikini, suntan lotion and a sun dress or two. For my spring break this year, I decided to take the family to Palm Desert for a few days. Being almost six months pregnant, I was looking forward to a relaxing vacation. Once I started packing, reality hit.

No offense against dads, but we all know that the majority of the packing falls on moms. Trying to get myself and Stella packed for a short, three-day getaway was like trying to pack for a European vacation (not that I have ever been on one).

I would still like to think of myself as a relatively low-maintenance packer, but the list sure has grown longer in the past 10 years. Traveling with Stella means packing diapers, clothes, changes of clothes, lotions, wipes, the list goes on and on. I needed a vacation from my vacation by the time I was done packing.

Vacation with children is always a reminder at how much life changes. I was looking at the young couples at the pool, enjoying their spring break. Drinks in hand and snoozing in the sun. It is quite a different story when looking at the families with children lying around, big bags full of snacks, books, toys, and whatever can get you through a day at the pool without having to run back to the hotel room.

Of course, I wouldn't change it for the world. I have tried the adult-only vacation, and all I ended up doing was texting whoever was watching Stella for minute-to-minute updates. Did she eat? Has she slept? Did she grow at all? My mind being almost unable to relax without my little one running around.

I used to look at all the parents on vacation and wonder, mid-cocktail, how they did it. Now it just seems like second nature, and I wonder how I did without it. Now having baby number two in August will be a whole other story, and I am sure, I whole other suitcase of supplies.

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