As a teacher, I was never able to relate to all the times I had parents and students come in to tell me that homework could not be completed because of a sports practice or other type of extra-curricular activity. I was in a variety of activities as a child but in my household, if homework wasn’t done, I was not going to dance class, soccer practice, or whatever it was that I was doing at the time.

I wasn’t so much as finding fault with the values that parents chose to instill in their children (although as an educator, I would want it to be school), but I always wondered what the schedule of my students was actually like to where they could not find a spare half hour to do some homework.

Fast forward to parenting. Stella is just 2 years old and she is involved in two activities: soccer and swimming. Our new addition Carter, is coming up on 8 weeks old. Having two children and getting one of them to an activity takes a lot of rigging. I can’t imagine what it is going to be like when both of them are involved in activities.

Although I would never allow extra-curricular to take priority over school (I am not judging  — just expressing a personal preference), I do think that it is important to have my kids be involved in outside activities. Activities of their choice — whatever those may be.

Right now I am trying to expose Stella to as many things as possible. I figure she will find something that she loves along the way. This month it is Mommy and Me Soccer through Long Beach Parks and Recreation. Thanks to "Dora the Explorer," it looks like after that, our next stop will be gymnastics.

I wonder how many programs Long Beach has to offer. I have a feeling I am about to find out.

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