Comanche was the first monohull to finish in Honolulu at 21:14:05 Hawaii time Thursday, winning the coveted the Barn Door Trophy.

The Barn Door Trophy is awarded each TransPac race for the fastest monohull elapsed time. Originally it was the First to Finish Trophy, but in 2009, the rules were adjusted to restrict candidates to manual-power-only sailing yachts.

The trophy is 3 feet by 4.5 feet in size and is more than 3 inches of thick Hawaiian koa wood, giving it the nickname Barn Door. It was originally given in 1949 to Dick Rheem's Morning Star, who crossed the line in 10.5 days.

So when it evolved in 1991 that the tradition of the fastest boat finishing first might change, the Barn Door's recipient officially became the monohull with the fastest elapsed time, no matter what's sculpted in the upper left corner of the trophy.

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