The Brethwa crew at the start of Transpac.

The crew on Bretwalta3 is no stranger to the Grunion’s "On the Water" column. Last Transpac they made a visit to Miller Children’s Hospital just prior to the race to share some Bretwalda swag. In June 2018 during the SoCal 300, a Coast Guard helicopter crew medically evacuated a crew member from Bretwalta.

They finished Transpac today, Saturday, and were the first to finish in Division 3.

According to the ship’s log on day 3, the Bretwalda3 team had a great start and trip to the west end of Catalina. Good Call crossed them just before they cleared the point at the west end without having to tack from the start. Once they cleared the end of the island it was light for a few hours, then they got into the breeze. It became very choppy and with winds in the 20s. It was sloppy and the boat was on its side making the general task of eating, dressing or any other life skills extremely difficult.

They did have had one scare with the charging. Their usual charging RPM was causing the batteries to turn off. They finally got it to start charging. Since they make their own water, it was a bad situation. They eat dehydrated food for the most part, so guys were trading their portions of some of the flavors for others early on in the race.

Before the team left Long Beach, I asked owner Bob Pethick a few questions:

Do you have a “cause” or charity this year as in the past?

We are unfortunately not able to do the Racing for Kids hospital visit this year as Sergei Lie who has been our key connection with them is not racing with us this time around. It is a bummer as it has been a special thing for us prior to our last two Transpacs. Hopefully we can get it back in the plan in the future, especially as we are now actually members of this community.

This year our crew will be supporting the Rainbow Connection and their efforts to stop childhood cancer and pancreatic cancer in particular. We will race this year in the knowledge that one of our crew, Gary Warner, has a family member in Detroit who is very ill. So at the start, our crew will be wearing a special “Kiss My Pancreass” shirt and we will dedicate our race to L. Brooks Patterson.

How is your crew member who was injured in the June 2018 SoCal300?

Yes Casey’s injury was a scary experience! He went through a rough time after his injury but he kept an unbelievably positive attitude and he didn’t let it slow him down much. I’m very pleased to report that he seems to have recuperated quite well and is living life large on his new live-aboard catamaran in the Caribbean with his beautiful family. I follow their adventures regularly on Instagram. Hopefully Casey will join us on another race when he is back in SoCal at some point.

Safety is always a priority — and that awareness and priority is certainly heightened for me. Everything from crew selection, training, safety equipment, scenario planning, warning plaques in areas of hazard, etc have been incorporated into our routine preparation and operating norms.

Who will be greeting you in Honolulu?

My family made up of Wife Lorrie, and daughters Jacquie (26), Meriol (22) and Paige (30) all plan to meet us in Hawaii. They like the post race festivities and they love any reason to come to Hawaii.

Do you have one special crew indulgence?

We throw ourselves a half-way party when we cross the mid-point. We don’t get carried away of course, but after sailing for 4-5 days, a little party goes a long way!

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