Life is good for dogs in Long Beach.

At least it is according to a recent study by a United Kingdom insurance company.

Long Beach came out on top in a report on which of the 25 most populated American cities is the best place for dogs to live. Compare the Market, a company that provides insurance on everything from homes to pets, recently put out the study, titled Pampered Pooch Capital. The study used search engines to find which cities had the most dog amenities, from veterinarians to groomers.

Los Angeles had the highest number of dog parks, kennels, training facilities, vets and salons. Long Beach, meanwhile, came in second in dog salons with 259, second in training facilities with 985, third in kennels with 449, fifth in vets with 754 and eighth in parks with 71.

But the study adjusted those totals by population and then weighted the results to come up with a ranking.

Los Angeles has nearly 4 million residents, according to 2017 U.S. Census population estimates. Long Beach had 470,000 residents as of 2017.

L.A. is also much larger — 503 square miles compared to about 51.5 square miles for Long Beach.

Overall, Los Angeles came in 14th.

Long Beach came in first.

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