One of my favorite literary genres is the angry-note-under-a-windshield — usually prompted by ​someone else's bad parking job.

olb windshield note

A contributor to Long Beach's found a variation​ that was less hostile than usual. The writer wished for divine guidance for ​a​ driver ​anchored far ​from the sidewalk. The note said:

"May God bless you with parking skills"​ (see photo).​

• I couldn't help recalling the scene in the movie, "Annie Hall," when ​erratic-driving Annie (Diane Keaton) comes to a stop several feet from the sidewalk and her ​passenger, Alvy Singer (Woody Allen)​,​ says​ it's no problem​​, adding​,​​"We can walk to the curb from here."

• Of course, some bad parkers stay close to the curb. Their problem is they straddle two spaces, as was the case with the new owner of a fictional dog named Spot that I came across on the internet (see photo).


​• Myself, I think I would prefer an angry windshield note to the business card ​that​ a member of my family received​ the other day​. It said: "We Buy Junk Cars." (I beg your pardon!)​

• Someone mentioned the movement to have California secede from the union,​ whereupon sports​caster John Ireland ​asked, "Who would be on the one (dollar bill)? Snoop Dogg?"

Well, why not? Snoop is one ​of ​the most famous characters in the state, and an alum of Long Beach Poly.

• ​Thirty-two years after "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was released, the John Hughes comedy remains an icon.


The other day, when a pitcher named Walker Buehler (spelled differently but pronounced the same) was called up to the major leagues by the Dodgers, the L.A. Times couldn't resist ​using a headline that said, "Buehler gets day off before eventful start."

The movie — if you haven't seen it — is about the adventures experienced by a school kid (played by Matthew Broderick) on​ a​ day when he ditches school.

The funny thing is that while the movie is set in Chicago, Hughes chose a house on Country Club Drive in north Long Beach to pose as Ferris' residence.

I guess he couldn't find anything ​in Chi-town that compared with LB.

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