Just when I thought I’d gotten over the Dodgers’ miserable performance in the World Series, I came across a book, “Night-Night California,” that had to rub it in anew. The book shows an empty Dodger Stadium with the text, “The crowds have gone away. Turn out the lights, close up the gates until it’s time to play” (see photo).

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have been upset — it was just a children’s book. But, I checked to see who is responsible for this tome. It was a business in Naperville, Ill. Yes, Illinois.

Chicago Cubs territory.

• In a local fitness class, the instructor was demonstrating a heel-to-toe walking exercise for improving one’s balance.

A student pointed out that this was also the exercise that drivers suspected of being under the influence are asked to make when officers pull over their car.

The student, by the way, hastened to add that she’d never had to do this balancing act for law enforcement officers.

• My favorite cheer at the recent Belmont Shore Christmas Parade was “Trick or treat!”

Hey nothing wrong with being a hundred days or so behind schedule.

• Anyway, if you are running late, it could be worse, as one merchant no doubt heard a few years ago (see photo).

• The seating area of the Metro Rail cars can become a bit ripe when ticket-less street people sneak aboard for a snooze. In fact, it recently became so smelly on one car that someone pinned up a red, pine-tree-shaped air freshener for relief (see photo).

• Best warning of the year: A Fourth Street bar posted this notice: “Please don’t drop cigarettes on the ground. The raccoons crawl out at night to smoke them and we are trying to get them to quit.”

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