A City Hall report says a constituent suggested speeding up Council meetings by using emojis to signify "yes" or "no" votes. No one has adopted that suggestion.

Sad face.

• The heavy rainstorms caught a couple of firms off-guard: an insurance company with a billboard on the 405 Freeway that said, “Savings as predictable as L.A. weather.”

And a credit union billboard on Pacific Coast Highway that bragged Southern California receives “284 days of sunshine” (see photo). All wet.

• I fashion myself a defender of Long Beach’s good name, so when I came across a book titled, “Road Trip USA — Pacific Coast Highway,” I was a bit miffed that the index devotes exactly one of its 146 pages to Long Beach.

And while the book did mention L.B. as the home of the “self- proclaimed “Skinniest House in the U.S.,” at 708 Gladys Ave. there was more to say.

Legend has it that the house (see photo), which is 10 feet wide, was built on a strip of land on a bet. It’s too bad that a few other landmarks weren’t mentioned, including the one-time Coffee Pot Cafe on Fourth Street (see photo) and the statue of super-patriotic flag-maker Ski Demski off Fourth Street. Demski commissioned the honor for himself.

After it got out of the coffee business, the former Coffee Pot had a stint serving another kind of pot (after it became legal).

• Problems, problems: “I have a guinea pig and am looking for someone who is experienced in cutting their nails,” a reader wrote on nextdoor.com. “I’ve tried so many times in different ways.” She added: “He is a biter and it’s not easy.” Maybe this guinea pig just doesn’t want to be the subject of any experiments.

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