Caffeine Chronicles: Perhaps it was just one of those Mondays. A woman walked into a coffee shop on Second Street, looked briefly over the offerings, then shrugged and told the barista:

"Whatever I usually get."

• ​A cheerful item, sort of: I'm happy to report that parking congestion is keeping one-sub genre of literature alive — angry windshield notes. Believe it or not, some of the anonymous writers even avoid using the f-word, as in th​e accompanying diatribe from my neighborhood (see photo).

• Speaking of humor, I had to take the DMV's written test for drivers.

My quick perusal of the vehicle code summary beforehand made me panicky because driving has become a lot more complicated since I got my license a half century or so ago.

​ ​So many puzzling road symbols, for one thing.

For example, at one type of intersection, a new bunch of green lines represents a "series of crisscross, diagonal crosswalks that allow pedestrians to cross in any direction at the same time, including diagonally across the intersection," the DMV's handbook said.

The term for this green monster is "Pedestrian Scramble" — no kidding (see photo).

​• Now there's a term that really sums up the dicey status of walkers in Southern California's car-oriented society. I often find myself scrambling on walks to avoid getting hit by a car or, my latest enemy, a skateboard.

• ​Anyway, I somehow passed the above written test. Then I flunked the photo.

DMV mug shots, as you know, are legendary for their poor quality. And I couldn't even measure up to that level! Something about too much "glare" coming off my chrome dome.

This was even more humiliating than a previous appearance at the DMV when the clerk looked over my license and said, suspiciously, "Sir, you don't have red hair. It's gray."

Which is what my new license says. I'll take that over the dreaded "NONE."

​• The L.A.-Orange County conspiracy (cont.): If you've ever wondered why "Samoa" Girl Scout cookies sold in L.A. County taste like the "Caramel DeLite" cookies sold in Orange County, you've come to the right place for the explanation.

My sources tell me that the two are virtually alike because the Scouts hired two bakers, who used basically the same recipes.

It's the same reason that L.A.'s "Do-si-dos" cookies have a flavor similar to that of the "Peanut Butter Sandwich" variety.

I'm sure there are other examples and you can be sure I'll do plenty of sampling to track them down.

​Steve Harvey can be reached at and @sharvey9.

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