While away on vacation I was pleased to read that the Dodgers had retained Dave Roberts as manager despite the team's disastrous post-season collapse. Some fans have not been as patient in the past (see photo).

• Our local football teams have also been erratic. When the San Diego Chargers defected to the land of bitter rival Los Angeles a few years ago, Charger fans were even promised divine help on the marquee of one Fallbrook church (see photo).

• Luckily, for everyone's nerves, there is still one Southern California school that will go undefeated this year, according to a T-shirt found in a local shop (see photo). Okay, the school will also go winless. Long Beach State (see photo) gave up the sport in 1991. (Something the Chargers might consider). 

• Got the message? I confess I get a kick out of it when nextdoor.com readers start attacking each other instead of average folks who pedal a bike suspiciously or go for a walk at night. Lately I've noticed nextdoor.com editors criticizing contributors as everything from poor typists, hot-heads and poor readers to, worst of all, "thread hijackers."
One person said, readers "don't alway know ... what 'I saw a robber ryding y m;ykx my bklx"' means.
"'Another reader said: "Just because someone writes Gelson's is better than Whole Foods, there is no reason to call the Gelson's fan an (obscenity).'''  
As for ''thread hijacking," it applies to readers who change the tone of a message in the middle of an exchange. Sample :
— Reader: "There was a robbery at the local Italian restaurant."
— Thread hijacker, answering : "I love Italian food! Where is your favorite restaurant?"
Hope you pay attention to this problem. Man, I'm in the mood for some veal parmigiana!
Steve Harvey, who is a real person not an actor (except when trying to talk his way out of a traffic ticket), can be reached at steveharvey9@gmail.com and@sharvey9.
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