I read in the Press-Telegram that, since cannabis use was decriminalized​ in this state​, "only a fraction of pot offenders have applied to have (their) histories erased."

Could it be that some of th​ose offenders are a bit...u​h...​hazy about how they spent ​certain evenings?

• The recent death of Blockbuster Video exec Wayne Huizenga brought back memories of the era when Blockbuster was the dominant rental outlet in the nation. I should explain to our younger readers that Blockbuster rented tapes,​ not zoo animals​, despite what one sign seemed to say​ (see photo).

• You​ think rush hour is getting worse? Could be. Writer Jay Berman even snapped a photo of a driver ​who was publicly asking folks not to push (see photo).

​ • Never thought I'd associate Yogi Berra with a Long Beach restaurant.

​But ​Yogi came to mind as I ​was reading "Mercy Dogs," the latest entertaining ​LB crime novel by Tyler Dilts.

Discussing restaurants​ on Broadway​, Dilts's protagonist Ben Shepard says that The Attic ​has become so popular that ​he doesn't eat there anymore even though he "really" likes the food.

I went by the Attic the other day and it was, indeed, booming.​ So Yogi ​​obviously didn't have the Attic in mind the time he said of one night spot: "Nobody goes there anymore — it's too crowded."

​• ​And now for this week's edition of "Bickering at nextdoor.com."

One contributor stirred up ​a debate when she wrote:

"What in the cornbread hell is up with all the cats (mainly) and dogs getting out and lost? I've never seen anything like this! Come on people. We are smarter tha​n​ they are​. ​Be more vigilant."

S​ome humans declined to ​take the blame for lost pets​ (especially cats)​​. ​

​ ​One reader​ ​dismissed the ​controversy as "horseapples."

Which prompted someone else to say: "Cornbread and Horseapples. Good name for a country band​!​"

​​• ​"I keep seeing commercials extolling a memory enhancer that contains proteins found in jellyfish," ​wrote journalist Terry Spencer.​ ​"Because if there is one thing jellyfish are known for, it's their memory."​​

​• ​The other day I was​ ​(foolishly) tilting in my chair in the dining room when I toppled over. I ​escaped injury but landed in our box of recycled newspapers​​. Luckily​,​ I scrambled to my feet before anyone could dispose of me.

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