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On Halloween evening, a dad with a trick-or-treating daughter in princess garb was asked by one Belmont Heights resident if he wanted some candy for himself. The dad said he would wait on the sidewalk. “I don’t want to get you all smokey,” he explained, as he puffed on a joint.

That’s right — for him it was trick-or-toke time.

• More from my Halloween bag: The returns are still coming in on whose behavior was more frightful, according to writers on

One resident put out whole candy bars, and watched in horror as several visitors ignored her pleas to just take one. One younger kid was quoted as saying,” I want all the candy bars!”

Someone even took a copper bowl that was holding goodies.

“Neighbors, some of you should not be raising kids,” a resident admonished parents on nextdoor.

That brought a rise from one parent who said, "Lighten up, it’s Halloween."

One pointed out that the way to avoid giant withdrawals is to hand out the candy yourself.

Or avoid candy all together. “I prefer handing out Bouillon cubes and individually wrapped prunes,” another Belmont Shoreite said, possibly in jest.

But another neighbor, in contrast, was charmed by a tiny trick-or-treater who asked “what my favorite candy was because he wanted to get one for his mom."

• More food for thought: Several residents reported seeing fewer visitors, which prompted one courageous solution. “We only had 3-4 kids the whole night,” she wrote on nextdoor.“I now have to eat lots of candy because I am not a wasteful person.”

Good sport!

• Something more to chew on: The Halloween period gave the New York Times an ideal opportunity to report that there is a Disgusting Food Museum, a touring exhibit that is visiting Sweden. Delicacies on its menu include maggot-infested cheese from Sardinia; rotten fruit bat soup from Guam; Chinese mouse wine; and an Icelandic shark fish, once called by the late food critic Anthony Bourdain “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing."

A study on the subject left scientists to conclude that what is disgusting is, uh, a matter of taste. "You have to learn from your surroundings what you should find disgusting," one museum member said.

• Haven’t heard about anything around here to compare (see photos) though I did come across a Garbage Burrito stand, a Road Kill Museum and servings of "chicken breath" and "chicken (thing)."

• Metro Rail mysteries: The last few weeks i’ve ridden the Blue Line I’ve noticed that two of the taped messages cut out right after the words, The speaker says, “And, so, for everyone’s safety...”

Then, total silence. It WOULD have to be a message with the word "safety" in it. What am I and the other riders missing? Avoid the Blue Line, or maggot-infested cheese?

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