In my frantic search for column items, I came across a lawn sign in Belmont Heights that said, "Hoarder Sale." This perhaps-over-modest announcement (see photo) reminded me of one of my favorite sign pics, “Tons o' Crap” (see photo — let's not even get into the suspect grammar).

• A lot of the humor in bumper stickers and home-made signs also has a religious angle these days. And why not? Drivers in Southern California are known to worship their cars.

For instance, one bumper sticker that I spotted said: "Do you follow Jesus this closely?"

The internet has several versions of that sticker. I'm not certain which I tried to shoot that day on Ocean Boulevard, mainly because I was driving (and missed).

The other driver was going, well, faster than I was.

• Naturally, because no two people seem to agree on anything these days, I found critics of the "do you follow" warning predicting that such an attitude would promote slowpokes.

• Other religious-oriented signs and bumper stickers can be found on-line, including: "Honk if you love Jesus, text while driving if you want to meet him."

"Church Parking: Violators will be baptized."

One marquee that appeared at the Belmont Heights United Methodist Church a while back declared: "Drive carefully. It isn't only cars that are recalled by their makers."

And finally, "If cats could text you back, they wouldn't."

Unless you asked them to.

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