I was on a Metro Blue Line car the other day when a free-lance vendor came through selling socks. Despite his snappy ​repartee — "Last calls for socks, fellas" — no one offered to try on a pair.

This may have been the same sock salesman who was sitting aboard the Blue Line a while back when a scantily-clad​ woman strolled down the aisle, whispering things to the passengers.The vendor listened to her sexy spiel, looked her over, then said to her: "I can give you some socks." She moved on down the line.

• Thought for the day: I hope that you, like me, are concerned about reports that​ some inanimate objects, such as refrigerators and microwave ovens, can now​ ​​spy on us.

olb clock

I'm constantly on my guard, lest I run into characters like the ones pictured in this column — characters who only SEEM to be things. A wise-guy alarm clock. An elevator panel that will take you God knows where. An innocent little socket with the sad face.​ ​​(It only wants you to think it's a socket.)​ (see photos).

olb elevator

• As I do every year, I will soon be traveling north to teach at a high school journalism workshop at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

It's always been a running joke that just before the workshop begins, something unsettling happens in the area. It might be a shark attack, a fire that threatens to burn out of control, a campus warning about mountain lions.

This year it was a sober thought of a different type for a group of young writers. I read that journalism is now considered the third worst way in which to make a living in this country. I think that loggers even have it better. (Shhh. Yes, okay, we have a money-back guarantee until the start of the workshop.)

olb socket

​• We do try to prepare the young writers for the outside world. For example, one year, a student wrote of one instructor: "What do people usually think when they see a man with baggy pants, a plaid shirt, a cap to hide his bald head, glasses, and a beard? If you said a bum, you're wrong. It is a journalist, well, one anyway... He is Steve Harvey."

Steve Harvey can be contacted at steveharvey9@gmail.com and @sharvey9.

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