Don't know if you've heard, but the Washington Post recently named Long Beach the city with the most “nice days” in the U.S.” (210 per year). Standards included “moderately warm temperatures (and) at least partial sunshine."

Great. But it's sort of ironic that the findings would be released during a seemingly endless endless heat wave — when the populace received much more than “partial sunshine." Anyway, you'll never hear me complain about June gloom again.

• What an eye-opener: After all the breakfast burritos I've eaten, I find they may not be the most nutritious meals around. (see photo).

• I've seen plenty of UCLA and USC flags in Long Beach but recently noticed something new — a resident showing a Cal State Long Beach banner (see photo).

And why not, when you think about it? After all, the school can make a boast that Trojan and Bruin rooters can't make — that the CSLB football team has been undefeated since 1991 (see photo).

Of course, if you want to bog me down with technicalities, you could also point out that this was the last year LB played football. I bought the shirt in a Cal State store, showing that if nothing else the school has a good sense of humor — something USC and UCLA are seldom accused of.

• By the way, one urban folk tale has it that the last Long Beach State football coach, George Allen, died of pneumonia because he was drenched with ice water by his players following a victory. His son, George Allen Jr., has since said that the drenching played no part in his father's death.

• Speaking of football: I was reminded of the cover jacket of the Italian translation of one of the mystery novels by former Long Beach City College professor (and former Grunion Gazette columnist) Wendy Hornsby. The book, “Bambina Della Notte,“ or "Child of the Night," depicts a guy in a “Raiders” jacket in a riot (see photo). No such scene occurs in the original book. I guess "Raiders" are just shorthand for riots in Italy (see photo), if not everywhere else.

• Personal confession: During the heatwave I challenged my son to take a mile walk to Second Street to defy the sun gods.

A half hour after we left, I confessed I couldn't go any further on my own. Luckily, my son knew just whom to call to pick us up. And I think a new sports event may have been born. I’m now trying to find sponsors for the “Annual Steve Harvey Half Mile Walk, Uber Ride."

When Steve Harvey's not taking short walks, he can be reached at and at @sharvey9.

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