Okay, class, time for a surprise quiz:

Name a street corner that specializes in the 3 s's: smog, sushi and studyin'.

Bravo if you guessed Clark and Willow (see photo). Talk about one-stop shopping.

• While we're on the subject of marquees, I noticed that Allen Tires on Carson offers passing motorists a sort of thought for the day, including: "If Apple Made a Car, Would it Have Windows?" "Save Your 401 K, Re-Tire Here" and "My Truck Has Blind Spots But I Can't See Them."

And, finally: "Do Electric Cars Have Gas Pedals?" (see photos)

• The gas pedal query got me to thinking about outdated expressions in automobile travel including:

— "My proof of insurance is in the 'glove compartment.'"

— "'Roll up the windows,' would you?"

— "Watch out — you hit the 'curb feeler.'"

— And for the children of oldsters: "The engine died. Can you get out and 'hand-crank' it again?"

• Trash talk: Guy Heston of Long Beach writes: "I saw this sign on the side of a refuse collection truck today, 'If you are not delighted with our service we'll give you double your trash back.'"

What amuses me about nextdoor.com is how easily contributors can be lured off the subject. For instance, a spirited discussion about mosquito repellents was headlined "PSA (public safety)," prompting one reader to say, "When you're as old as I am, you always think 'PSA' is talking about the prostate blood test."

"Or the airlines," said another.

"Ohhh," commented a third, "you're not that old are you? $20 each way to L.A. and San Francisco (on Pacific Southwest Airlines)?"

• Meanwhile, another reader who had showed off a photo of her bug bites on nextdoor.com said: "I was very surprised that since I put pictures here that today I was approached individually by three more tiny black mosquitoes as I sat in my patio fully clothed."

Her experience confirmed what I had always suspected: Mosquitoes do not read the internet!

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