I’m seeing fliers around town promoting a “Long Beach Books Clubs Project” that would unite area literary lovers.

"Don’t yawn."

A book-club meeting can be dramatic, especially if the author is appearing in person.

A friend of mine appeared at one and not only did he receive more criticism than he expected but, more tragically, he had to pay for his own meal.

• Speaking of dinner, I saw a cafe sign near Long Beach Airport that said, “Free Smells.” (see photo).

• In case you were wondering, that eatery is not related to another sign that once appeared in this space: “Sweat Sale (see photo).” Okay, maybe you weren’t wondering.

• “Free Smells” did remind me of an unrelated movement of the 1980s that held to the belief that humans didn’t need food or water to exist. It was called breatharianism.

Its influence declined somewhat after one of its spokesmen was observed leaving a central California 7-Eleven one night while holding a Slurpee, a hot dog and a Twinkle (you knew California would be involved somehow.)

As a reporter, I covered breatharianism. You can only imagine how difficult it was to explain to my boss the food bills for a fasting individual on my expense account. Didn’t even get a Slurpee out of the deal.

• The grand opening of the Lions Drag Strip Museum near Long Beach ended the other day without a whiff of burning rubber.

My favorite exhibit was of a 1924 vehicle that carried a sign that said, “Please Stay Out of the Truck.”

The sign had a double meaning back then. It was on a police truck.

• Overheard in a local eatery: One waitress, advising a young colleague not to have more than two children if she’s going into the waitressing business: “Three cost more and it’s harder to get a table for them.”

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