In the "How-do-you-lose this?" category, a member reports finding "an Invisalign thing (dental braces) for the bottom teeth... lying on the grass by the curb" on Park Avenue.

And what did she do with them? What could she do with them?

"I placed them on my fence post," she said.

​Another reader seemed to consider trying on the choppers for size.

​"Did you step on them?" the reader asked.​

​​• Mystery of the Week (No. 2): Another​ reader saw a suspicious red gadget lying in the street on Broadway and wondered whether it "could be (a) pet tracker or camera" (see photo).

​Warned another member: "Whatever you do, don't pull the pin!"

• The owner of the red thingamajig, who was located, said it was a "light for a dog leash."

• On ​the website of the Long Beach ​Convention & Visitors Bureau​​, I found ​this city ​described ​as "​t​he Beach with Benefits."

​The slogan struck me as awkward. (At first, I thought ​that ​"with benefits" referred to health insurance plans.)

Anyway, long-time Long Beachites will recall some ​previous​ slogans that the city ​has ​tried out ​in its never-ending search for a ​nickname that ​will become identified with ​Long Beach (as,​ ​for instance, "​The ​Big Apple," is with New York City).

​Other tries included "Long Beach: The Most on the Coast," "Long Beach: Gateway to the Pacific," and two more recent ones "Aquatic Capital of America" and "Most Bicycle-Friendly City in America."

One of the weirder ones​, from an ad agency,​ was "Long Beach: Opposites Attract," which prompted one reader to point out that God and the Devil are opposites.

• I'm surprised that the city never trotted out a slogan possibility that my old L.A. Times colleague Mitchell Landsberg passed along to me years ago. While visiting Beijing, Landsberg spotted this message on a youth's shirt:

"Khaki...Nothing Feel Like Long Beach. The Best for Your Funny."

• And, finally, ​traffic is so busy these days that even church marquees are providing advice to commuters. Some of the pics from my collection may not be the best for your funny but they're pretty humorous (see photos).

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