This city's contributors have alerted the world about the disappearance of such creatures as "a runaway baby tortoise" and a parakeet that "will more than likely fly right to you (if) you put your hands in the air and yell, 'Touchdown!'"

Now comes a report that a Long Beach parks worker "found a chicken (hen) and is looking for her home."

Responded one reader: "Did the chicken cross the road?"

You knew someone had to ask.

• When I was a young man, thinking of getting into journalism, an older colleague gave me a mock test to determine how serious I was. One of the ​questions was: "When you see a typo on a menu, ​do ​you pull out a pen and correct it?"

The other day I spotted Wilson High misspelled as "WILSO​" (see photo).

Alas, I couldn't very well correct the error, seeing as how it was etched in cement more than two decades ago. It could be the oldest ​errant ​graffito​ ​in LB.

​And, anyway, nobody's perfect. Back in the 1980s during a period when it was fashionable to alter the HOLLYWOOD sign, I recall that some young tricksters from an L.A. university were caught trying to change the landmark to read: USC WOOD. The​se scholars​ didn't get very far. Officers said that when they were apprehended, they were having problems making an "S."

• "No Team Runs a Smoother Operation," the New York T​i​mes wrote of the Zamboni Ice Company, whose job was resurfacing the ice during the ​recent ​Winter Olympics.

A great compliment for Zamboni, but no recognition for the company's home — the city of Paramount. The article said only that Zambon​i​ was "based in California."

Poor Paramount​, a neighbor of Long Beach,​ doesn't receive much publicity; it has even been known to receive calls from elsewhere from folks who think it is the studio.

Ironically, when the company was founded ​in 1949 ​it wanted to call itself the Paramount Engineering Co. but that name was already in use. So it ​named itself in honor of Frank Zamboni, the man who created the ice resurfacing machine.

In retrospect, ​it was ​a great ​cultural ​break for Zamboni​, which is used by most professional hockey teams​. The catchy name can be found in a song, "I Wanna Drive the Zamboni," a comic mystery​ novel​ ("Death by Zamboni") and ​a ​bumper sticker that say​s​, MY OTHER CAR IS A ZAMBONI.

As a Sports Illustrated writer once observed, you never see a bumper sticker that says MY OTHER CAR IS A PARAMOUNT.

• No joke​. Easter is April 1​ this year​ — April Fool's Day. I hope the Easter bunny is careful. Easter is exhausting enough for the little creature (see photo).

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