As the co-proprietor of Ma ‘n’ Pa market, Zac Henderson has witnessed some curious scenes. But it wasn’t until the other day that he saw a customer waving a piece of beef jerky at a dog locked in a car outside the Belmont Shore grocery.

What happened was that the pooch’s owner had locked his keys in his vehicle’s automatic lock. The driver was trying to lure the dog into stepping on the lock, thereby opening it.

Eventually, the driver had to admit defeat and catch an Uber home to pick up another set of keys.

(I can imagine the confused canine thinking to himself, “They say, ‘Stay!’ and ‘sit!,’ all day and now they say, ‘Go, go!’ Why can’t

they make up their minds?”)

• If you miss seeing the Blue Line during its seemingly endless shutdown for rehab work, you can always drop into a movie theater and see “Captain Marvel.”

It features a weird fistfight involving Marvel on the Blue Line as it approaches L.A.

You ask, did you read that correctly? Yes, this is a sci fi-movie set in the 1990s.

In another scene, Marvel parachutes through the roof of a one-time famous, now-deserted, store, earning the title of “Blockbuster Video Girl” from an investigator (see photo).

Incidentally, the only other tussle I can remember on a Blue Line was a punch-out between two women, one of whom called the other a “Walmart B**** (the first and only time I’ve heard that insult).

• More honors for Ruby, the bookstore cat at Gatsby’s shop on Spring Street — and possibly the last feline to hold that title in Long Beach.

It was the only cat praised in the book, ”Quiet Los Angeles,” and now it’s been singled out by Westways magazine — a writer praised the charm of finding Ruby “sleeping soundly” inside. Only a kill-joy, such as myself, would point out that Ruby is somewhat less charming when awakened (see photo).

• What the neighbors say: I mentioned a few years ago that a coffee-drinking friend, attending Boston University, told a local she was from Southern California. To which her questioner said, “Oh, you must have a complicated Starbucks order.”

In case you’re worried, SoCal’s eccentric image doesn’t seem threatened at coffee shops here.

For example, a regular customer at one stop here includes a woman who wants a peppermint taste in her drink. So she brings a box of candy canes with her and adds a cane to her drink at each visit. “She knows when she’s getting low, and brings a new box with her,” one server said. “And she pays for it.”

Then there’s the woman who wants her espresso mixed with ice in a tumbler. When her server seemed surprised, she said, “Can’t you do that? Don’t you have one (tumbler)?” The server managed to restrain herself from saying, “Yes! At home.”

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