The legalization of marijuana recalls a period when a certain beverage​ was outlawed. Just to make sure that there’s no confusion about the status of that ​beverage, one company has a billboard on the 405 in Carson that says: “Legal in California Since 1930.”

It shows a beer bottle.

• "Den of Thieves," a cops'n'robbers movie set in these parts, has a reference to Long Beach Poly football, believe it or not.

In one ​saloon scene, a guy brags​ ​about how his West Torrance high school team was superior to Poly’s. It’s possible that the guy that made that claim had been smoking a mind-altering substance.

​• To me, the most interesting part of "Den of Thieves,"​ was the the bad guys' pre-bank-invasion workout regimen. They do calisthenics before shooting out the windows.​

Hey, those automatic rifles can get heavy​. You don't want to throw your back out or pull a hammy while​ lugging bags of loot ​as you jump ​over a counter​ or club someone to the ground.​

(​I can just hear an Easterner say that in Southern California even the bank robbers are obsessed with their bodies.) ​

• In a recent column ​about ​free-books displays around town, I mentioned that one mysterious home-made library at Granada Avenue and The Toledo carried no nameplate.

There’s a reason, said resident Elizabeth Borsting. The sign ​“was stolen for the second time."

She’s awaiting a replacement for the library’s white-haired gnome (see photo of gnome in happier times) as well as ​her Little Free Library nameplate.​

​Borsting is a charter member of the national movement, whose motto is: “You Can't Steal a Free Book.”

Perhaps, human nature being what it is, the thief found it would be no fun to steal books, so made off with the gnome instead.​

​• What I like about outdoor libraries — besides the absence of overdue fines — is that there’s no one on staff to yell “Shhh” at you if you talk loudly, as I tend to do.

• Good news! Not only can you find free books on street corners but also​​ ​“legitimate” business opportunities​ (photo snapped on Redondo Avenue).

• So the former SeaPort Marina Hotel is going to be redeveloped. Where's it located? you might ask.

Well, let me give you a clue: The name of the complex will be “2nd and PCH.”

There was a time when I found it sort of creative for Belmont Shore businesses to use their addresses as titles.

​On Second Street, you​ ​can find​ ​Tavern on 2, Nick’s on 2nd, Saint & Second (it intersects St. Joseph Avenue) and The Beach on 2nd Street.

But, after all these years, the trend seems old to me. So I say to the owners: How about something a bit more creative? Be more than just a number.​

​• ​Oh, yes, and I hope the hotel’s Elvis marquee is brought back, too (see photo).

​ Elvis never grows old.​

Steve Harvey can be reached at and @sharvey9.

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