It was an especially happy Easter for six local bunnies, reports hair stylist Leah Martin, who heard this story from a customer.

The bunnies were in a pet shop and were sentenced to become snake food in a few days if no buyers stepped forward. (Hey, snakes have to eat, too!).

Anyway, Martin's customer saved their hides by buying all six. It won't surprise you to hear that the rabbit family now numbers 11 (oops! make that 12!).

You've heard of indoor cats. These are indoor rabbits.

"They have a whole room to themselves," Martin was told.

• Did you hear that the Los Angeles/Long Beach area has the worst traffic of any city in the world, according to INRIX, a transportation company? I guess drivers from nearby towns ignored one touching plea in the 1970s (see photo).

• A while back I mentioned that street musicians were using the central medians of the Bellflower Boulevard-Pacific Coast Highway-Seventh Street junction (see 2017 photo).

Well, no more. In case you didn't notice, fencing has been installed on those medians, leaving the street performers no room to rock.

• In my travels through the city, I'm often asked: "Steve, what happened to romance?"

I think I found the found the answer in a local shop window (see photo). There's no romance on Second Street.

• Questions asked by readers on

"Has anyone lost their pet iguana?"

Has anyone passed through tonight's DMV checkpoint? If so, where is it located?"

"We have a stranded duck in our backyard... Does anyone have a suggestion on what we should do?"

"Everytime I walk by the Rite Aid on Second Street my ears are assaulted by Barry Manilow music. Can they at least play some Lionel Richie...?"

Needless to say, our researchers are busy on these vital issues.'s first response on the duck question, by the way, was probably not what the finder was looking for. It was: "Duck! The other white meat!"

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