A portion of the Blue Line is out of service for repairs, but Long Beach travelers who gripe about service should have been around in the 19th Century. Then they had to depend on a steam-engine line that frequently broke down and was nicknamed the Get Out & Push Railroad (see photo).

• A poem about the G.O.&P.R.R. back then, went: “Oh, fireman, fill the teacup.The water’s running low,

“And you better scratch a parlor match for fuel as we go.

“And scare the squirrels off the track before they wreck the car.

“Oh, everybody, lend a hand to the G.O.&P.R.R.”

• The Blue Line isn’t the only route undergoing reconstruction in Southern California. Reader Marilyn Stein found one whose spelling (“rebuliding”)also broke down (see photo).

• Low crimes and misdemeanors: Meanwhile, a fan of nextdoor.com said she spotted “a bowling ball and a pair of shoes” discarded near a bowling alley, setting the site’s massive number of armchair Sherlock Holmeses to speculating.

One theorized that the thief was probably abandoned by “someone who stole them ... and decided the equipment was too heavy to carry.” Another reader wondered if, “after a bad night on the lanes (the bowling ball owner) decided to give up the dream.”

Or maybe they encountered too much trouble from squirrels.

• Bad drone! Go to Your Room! Another reader reported that the family’s “small red drone just took off from the 200 block of Roswell and it headed West. Has anyone seen it?”

That’s the problem with drones. They’re so difficult to train.

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