In the program for “Silent Sky," which played at the Long Beach Playhouse, actress Amber Hill thanked her cast and crew “for making each long drive from Anaheim in rush hour.”

Wow, OC traffic at rush hour. Now that is real dedication.

• Speaking of traffic, a TV pitch I keep hearing urges viewers to buy a certain truck because it was “California-built.” What does that mean? That the vehicle was built to sit on freeways for long stretches of time?

• One last OC note: If Long Beach succeeds in luring the Angels here, it would give new meaning to the phrase “stolen base."

• Anyway, sounds iike the young customers visiting one Belmont Shore eatery have been playing unruly games of “Musical Chairs.” Now the restaurant is cracking down (see photo). Let’s see what the young folks think of paying eateries — reverse tips, you might say.

• How well do you know your frogs? A bright green croaker “hopping down one alley" caught the eye of locals. One reader speculated that the color was the result of experiments by a government agency. But others said it was merely a tree frog. “They get grumpy and lazy as they get older,” a would-be expert added.

(Well, who doesn't?)

Others noticed that visits by non-native creatures are starting to become a trend, most recently the peacocks from Palos Verdes last summer.

Then there are parrots, OUR noisy parrots, reputedly having escaped from a pet shop fire in Pasadena. I guess they flew right past Signal Hill on the way here.

Myself, I wonder if the croaker is related to Mark Twain’s celebrated jumping frog of Calavaras County.

Whatever, the new owner of the frog (at least the last few weeks) was advised by one local to partake in a medieval rite said to bring good luck. “Kiss the frog,” she urged.

• Overheard on my block: As a girl and her younger brother walked by, a resident said to the girl, “Your little brother’s getting bigger.” To which the girl answered,”Yes. Maybe he’ll stop stepping on my plants now."

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