I just learned in my seniors exercise class that one way to tone the muscles in your jaw, mouth and eyes is to assume what is called, in yoga circles, the “lion pose” (see photo).

To execute this maneuver, you open your mouth, stick out your tongue and roar mightily.

This being Southern California, the first thought on one classmate’s mind was: “Can you use the lion pose on another driver?“

The class concluded that, if the other driver cut you off, you were justified to do so.

Just kidding, just kidding! Only in LB doesn’t want to be named as an accessory in a road-rage case.

Also, I will point out that the old, one-finger salute could achieve the same result even it doesn’t work off as many calories.

• Long Beach’s unofficial title as the world leader in giant donuts seems to be under attack.

The owners of Randy’s, the giant oval Inglewood landmark off the 405, announced they’re going to build nine more donut shops, including an 8-foot-tall structure in El Segundo.

But none of the new shops will be in Long Beach.

Yes, Long Beach, is being shunned even though it has shops at Seventh and Pacific Coast Highway, on Carson Street and on Long Beach Boulevard.

It’s time for the city to take some action to prop up Long Beach’s name.

First, the city should demand the return of one big-donut shop that disappeared and was found in a neighboring city with a new name “Bellflower Bagels.” (At least it’s not “Bellflower Pretzels.”)

Second, local motorists should be taught the definition of “drive-thru” to avoid accidents (see photo).

And third, the city should advertise the availability of many eye-catching spots for future big donuts, including one imagined by computer consultant Susan Boltinghouse (see photo).

• A panhandler on Seventh Street held up a poster that said, “Too Ugly to Be a Stripper.” The street person weighed around 240 pounds and was a male.

I suppose it’s always good to recognize your limitations.

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