Bookworms should delight at the number of authors this city produces on a regular basis, giving locals a chance to read writing produced by their own neighbors. Gazette Newspapers occasionally lists some recently published writers from the Long Beach area.

• Long Beach author and animal communicator Terri Steuben recently published a new book, “Tails of Triumph: Animals Tell Their Katrina Stories.”

The book is based on journal entries Steuben wrote while rescuing animals in Louisiana with other Humane Society volunteers back in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. It’s a unique perspective about the pets and responders who came from all over the country to help them.

“It focuses on what the pets told me about how they survived the flood, the courage and resourcefulness they showed in the weeks afterward, and their joy at being saved,” Stueben said in an email. “Last fall, when I realized the 10th anniversary of the Katrina disaster was approaching, I decided to write this book so the animals could finally speak and tell their own stories.”

The book also stresses the importance for all owners to be prepared to keep pets safe in an emergency.

Book signings will take place from 3 to 4:30 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 16, at Gatsby Books (55535 E. Spring St.) and from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 19, at Apostrophe Books (5229 E. Second St.).

For details, visit

• “Invent Your Future: Starting With Your Calling” is a book designed to help readers recognize their unique talents to reach their true destiny and calling.

Released by Highpoint Executive Publishing and written by longtime Belmont Shore resident Paul David Walker, the book is based on insights from nearly two dozen business leaders — including chief executive officers, chefs, city managers, nonprofit directors, entrepreneurs and others — who achieved their own success.

Long Beach Fire Department Chief Mike DuRee recommends the book. He said in a release, “This is a compelling guide to unleashing the leader within. We cannot create what we cannot conceive, and ‘Invent Your Future’ is a great tool for leaders who seek to conceive continual growth, both personally and professionally.”

• “Long Beach State: A Brief History” is a new addition to The History Press’s Brief History Series. Written by local author Barbara Kingsley-Wilson, the book is set for release on Aug. 24.

The nonfiction book includes details about how California State University, Long Beach, was founded more than 65 years ago in a bean field as well as information about how the school has grown to be one of the largest in the state. There’s also unreleased oral histories from past university presidents.

Kingsley-Wilson is a lecturer at CSULB and serves as the advisor for the student newspaper there. She worked for more than two decades as a journalist for various publications.

Find the book online later this month at

• Long Beach writer and school teacher Doug Jantzen is celebrating the recent release of his children’s book, “Henry Hyena, Why Won’t You Laugh?”

A winner of the Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories New Author Contest, the book was published by Simon and Schuster and appeared in Cheerios boxes this year. Copies are available at local bookstores, and Jantzen started doing book signings this month.

Jantzen’s story, which sends a message to young readers about bullying, revolves around a hyena who stops laughing. With help from a giraffe named Dr. Long, Henry Hyena realizes that he doesn’t want to laugh anymore because laughing at others isn’t nice. Eventually, Henry Hyena convinces all of his hyena friends to stop laughing at others at the zoo.

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John O’Kane, editor and publisher of AMASS Magazine, recently wrote a new book, “A People’s Manifesto,” published by SPD Books.

Focused on the opinions and perspectives of ordinary citizens about the state of American society, particularly since the Great Recession, the author talks to a diverse group of Long Beach residents about Occupy Long Beach, the economy, jobs, politics, inequality, immigration and other issues. The book also includes a sampling of op-ed pieces from various publications in the past six years or so.

For copies, visit local booksellers.

• A new Christian crime thriller, “Miracle of the Broken Knife: Behold His Mighty Hand,” was published this summer by Long Beach author and poet Alicia Morton.

“Miracle of the Broken Knife” is a story about a madman on a rampage who encounters a woman who dares to trust God even in a hopeless situation. The story is about the power of faith, according to a release from Tate Publishing and Enterprises.

For copies of the book, visit

• Long Beach author Heather Wasielewski, in her new book “What Families Can Learn from Corporate America,” shows working parents how to apply corporate team building techniques to strengthen family bonds.

Published this year by Inkwater Press, a release stated that the book is concise and accessible, acting as a practical guidebook to help working parents unify their work and home lives in a complementary way.

Wasielewski is a parent and founder of Parents with Careers, LLC.

Copies of the book are available at

• “The Dragon Who Tamed Her Temper,” is an inspirational new children’s novel by Long Beach writer William Michael Davidson.

Released this summer, the book is about a feisty dragon named Asham who lives in The Great Cloud City. The dragon has a bad temper and blows blue fireballs that sometimes get her into trouble. She has to learn to control her tantrums so that she can be a better dragon.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available at

• Local author and retired attorney William John Cox’s latest book is “The Holocaust Case: Defeat of Denial.”

The writer reveals facts and insights from the time he spent as a public-interest lawyer representing Long Beach resident Mel Marmelstein, a Nazi death camp survivor, who sued organizations that denied the Holocaust.

Copies of the book are available at local bookstores, including Gatsby Books at 5535 E. Spring St., where the official book launch took place last month.

• A recently published memoir, “Adventures in China: tales from an Intrepid Traveler,” has been written by Long Beach man Vic McCarty.

McCarty shares his stories of visiting China before, after and during the country’s political turmoil following the Tiananmen Square uprising. The book is meant for McCarty’s friends and associates only; to request a copy, email the author at

McCarty is the former owner of McCarty’s Jewelry in Belmont Shore, which his father founded. He also is a co-founder of the Long Beach Marathon and has been active in many different community and state organizations. The majority of his career was spent as a CPA.

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