Dining FlaminCurry: Cauliflower and Baked Potatoes

FlaminCurry offers meat dishes and vegetarian dishes such as the Cauliflower and Baked Potatoes shown here

“Chicken is not red.” Naveen Choda of FlaminCurry on Broadway said.

You might find red chicken at other Indian restaurants, but not at FlaminCurry, which Choda owns along with Mickey Singh.

They’ve made a commitment to fresh food ingredients. There’s no food coloring, no preservatives and no MSG. They want everything affordable, healthy and different.

“We want to keep the prices low,” Choda said.

He points out diners can choose from a number of specials priced at just $5.

 And by the way, the chef, Bobby, came from the Wynn in Las Vegas.


The atmosphere is friendly. The relatively small place is neat and has tables inside and outside.

Choda ran a sports bar before spending nine months getting things in shape for FlaminCurry, which formerly housed a frame shop.

About The Food

Choda recommends Chicken Tikka Masala to first time diners. It’s easy to see why it’s the most popular dish.

The chicken is tender and the sauce is slightly sweet. All the flavors, including the spices, are clearly defined. Everything works together and each taste and texture takes a turn, allowing diners to savor the individual aspects instead getting everything mashed together.

Veggie options are very popular, according to Choda. There’s a wrap, Vegetable Biryani (Biryani is a spicy rice), Veggie Pakora (deep fried veggie battered with chickpea flour) and the Veggie Samosa.

The Veggie Samosa features perfectly textured pastry crust wrapped around a spicy blend of veggies. There’s heat inside and the pastry is thick, almost crunchy, and perfectly browned. It’s a generous two-piece serving for $3.99.

The spices, like everything else on the menu, are freshly ground. It makes them intense when desired but not harsh.

Also very popular are goat dishes like Goat Biryani ($7.99). It must be popular because “We go through 40 pounds of goat a day,” Choda said.

They use traditional recipes. The Chicken Tika is from Choda’s mother.

The folks at FlaminCurry use a clay oven to bake the bread on site. Bread options are naan, roti and a Mixed Veggie Kulcha, which is stuffed with potato, cauliflower, onions and herbs. Naan is plain unleavened bread, Roti is whole wheat and Kulcha is a leavened bread.

Desserts are the Gulab Jamun (Soft milk dough balls, fried and dipped in sugar syrup) and Rasgulaa, which is soft milk dough balls boiled in sugar syrup and served cold.


Diners can try a Mango Lassi or a Salted Lassi, (each $2.99). The house-made yogurt base offers up an intense and unusual flavor brought out by the fact that is freshly made.

There’s a cooler of traditional beverages but fountain drinks are from the Stubborn Soda. Stubborn Soda is a Pepsi brand made with Fair Trade Certified Cane Sugar and Stevia and comes in flavors like pineapple, black cherry, vanilla and orange hibiscus.

No alcohol is sold at FlaminCurry. It’s located next to Baddeley’s, which offers alcohol for those who want some.

Important To Know

FlaminCurry is at 3344 E. Broadway, near Redondo, so parking can be an issue. There are several short-term spots on Broadway for picking up take out orders.

The phone number is (562) 343-7319. Check out the menu in advance at www.flamincurrylb.com

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