Eat At The Potholder

Everybody loves to eat breakfast at The Potholder Cafe.

Whether you’re the guy who comes in every day to enjoy a cup of coffee and read the newspaper or those 20-somethings who meet up on weekends to recover from a late night out or maybe you’re just taking a break from holiday cooking for the family.

I’ve come to depend on The Potholder for those daybreaks when I’m not feeling up to cooking breakfast myself. A warm breakfast and a mug filled with coffee, always freshly-ground, can be a morning godsend.

Longtime owner Kevin Pittsey has such a good thing going that he and his partners have grown the circa-1970s business beyond its original location at 3700 E. Broadway to include two more locations: The Potholder Cafe Too, 301 W. Broadway, and The Potholder Café P3, 2246 N. Lakewood Blvd.

About The Atmosphere

The menu is the same at all three diner-style restaurants and so too is the unique “funk” that Pittsey said comes from all the regulars putting their own flair into the experience.

It’s long been a habit for customers at The Potholder to bring in framed photographs of themselves holding stickers or homemade signs that read: “Eat at The Potholder.” Hundreds of customer portraits hang on the walls from around in the world — people smiling from adventures scuba diving, riding in race cars, you name it.

In return, those customers get a free breakfast.

“It was a tradition that started with the original owner,” said Pittsey, who started working at the Potholder in 1993 and purchased the restaurant in 2004. “Now, those photographs are something that defines The Potholder.”

The décor also is unique to The Potholder, with oddities on the wall such as Pee-wee Herman dolls, antique candy dispensers, cowboy lamps, vintage surfboards, a pig wearing a chef hat, and so much more.

About The Food

At the original location alone, The Potholder is serving up an average of more than 4,100 eggs each week, and another 1,000 pounds of potatoes, Pittsey said.

The menu is expansive, with 30 different egg dishes alone, plus the chance for patrons to design their own omelet. Mexican-inspired breakfast dishes also are a staple at The Potholder.

Everything is reasonably priced, with nothing more than $14.

My personal favorite dish at The Potholder is the Super Spuds ($7.95), which is a delicious hot mess of potatoes, cheese, mushrooms, a generous helping of sour cream and large chunks of avocado.

My hubby’s go-to breakfast is Flaky French Toast ($11.95), a huge serving that comes crusted with toasted cinnamon flakes and a creamy apple pie filling. It’s easily split between two people.

The Potholder offers specials almost every day of the week, including Bottomless Mimosa Saturdays ($9.95), and the menu includes breakfast as well as some lunch options. A vegan menu also is available.

Important To Know

The Potholder sells its iconic coffee mugs as well as the shirts you’ll see on the staff. Gift cards are available too, for all you last minute or even belated holiday shoppers.

For details about The Potholder or its various locations in Long Beach, visit

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