Waffles may seem like a non-traditional basic ingredient for almost every dish on the menu, but at Qrious Palate the waffles are light and homemade and provide a perfect foundation for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Located on Anaheim Street near Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, the building housing Qrious Palate suggests a drive-in from days gone by, rather than the home to some of the freshest and tastiest food around.

It’s not very fancy, but it’s neat, clean and features booths with turquoise cushions on the inside and tables outside as well. It’s adjacent to a large parking lot.

It’s a fast-casual type place, where you place your order and they bring it out to you.

Qrious ABC Omelet

The ingredients of the ABC Omelet at Qrious are arranged inside a light waffle.

On a recent visit, an ABC omelet arrived on the table less than five minutes after ordering. The food was still steaming. The presentation is much more appropriate to a white-table restaurant that fast-casual establishment. The omelet was tucked inside one of those made-to-order waffles, with delicately sliced fresh avocado. It was accompanied by homemade hash browns, syrup and house-made ketchup and salsa. The salsa was a slightly spicy version with all the flavors present instead of smooshed into one boring taste. The omelet was very filling and a bargain at $7.49.

Other breakfast options include the Egg Pesto Waffle, Turkey, Ham, sausage and a vegetarian omelet.

There are waffle sandwiches and an entire section of Club Waffles. Especially good is the Steak Club Waffle ($10.45). The homemade waffle is the basis for this one as well, featuring tender steak, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and a homemade sauce. This is really enough to two to split.

Qrious Palate Club Waffle

The steak club waffle is one of the specialities at Qrious Palate

The pickles are great, too.

The fries are unique as well. Most fries are on the slender side and can be quite tasty. These, on the other hand, are the thick kind, prepared to delicate crispy outside and a soft, moist interior.

Korean Bulgogi (thin marinated beef) is available in several dishes, including a dinner and a Club sandwich-style waffle. The Bulgogi also comes in a waffle with pesto, lettuce and Banana Pepper ($7.59).

Most of the desserts are waffle based as well. Anything with fresh berries is a treat and Nutella also is offered. Waffle desserts start at $6.45, but you can get an ice cream cone for just $1.38.

Important To Know

Beverages are of the non-alcoholic nature.

Qrious Palate, 955 E. Anaheim St., is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check for hours. The phone is (562) 599-5088. The website is www.QriousPalate.com.

There’s a second location at 6924 Beach Blvd. in Buena Park.

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