Just before DOGZ on Second Street was supposed to reopen in June of 2018 after a two-year repair job due to serious water damage, fire gutted the place, forcing the owners to start over.

Finally in April of this year, DOGZ was back.

“We weren’t going to believe it until it actually was open,” owner Rod Frontino said.

It’s back with a new feel but with all old warmth and the legendary Blizzard Beer System, which serves beer “Too Cold to Hold.”

“Every day, people talk about how they’re glad we’re back.” Frontino said.

What Makes DOGZ DOGZ

“DOGZ does a good job of capturing all demos,” Frontino said. “It’s a family friendly place by day and a fun bar at night.”

The kitchen is open until 11 p.m. and the bar closes at 2 a.m. DOGZ is dog-friendly and has an outdoor dining area.

On Wednesday night, you can bring your own steak and they’ll cook it for you.  

About The Food

The DOGZ are the centerpiece of the menu, but there’s quite a bit more.

They’ve added a few new items like a breakfast slider trio ($10.95): Hawaiian bun with eggs, and choice of bacon sausage or ham. 

Dining DOGZ Quesadilla

The warm and tasty Quesadilla at DOGZ may be ordered with slices of steak.

Breakfast is served all day, every day.

Before it was DOGZ, it was Belmont Station and featured Mexican food, which is still a big part of the menu.

“We’ve had the same chef for 25 years,” Frontino said. 

According to Frontino, the best seller is the Carnitaz Plate ($13.95) with shredded pork, flour or corn tortillas, rice and beans. The quesadilla ($8.95) comes with a very warm tortilla, cool sour cream, guacamole and Pico de Gallo all contrasting with each other in tastes and textures.

New on the menu are Pork Sliders (four for $8.95). Tender pork with crunchy edges and brown sweet sauce is served on those great Hawaiian buns.

House-made chips are thick and have a super crunch. 

Why It's Called DOGZ

Dining DOGZ Teenie Weineez

Customers who order Teenie Weineez at DOGZ can select any three min-dogs from the 14 different flavors.

There are 14 different Dogz on the menu, all Vienna Beef franks, which means they have that satisfying “snap.”

The most popular is the Chicago Dog, featuring Neon Green relish, celery salt and sport peppers.  Like all the Dogz, it comes on the poppy seed bun.

Can’t decide? Teenie Weineez ($8.95) are three mini-Dogz, served in your choice of styles. Three-inch hot dogs are fun and taste just like their big brothers.

And there are custom-made sausages, too: Bratwurst, Cajun, Polish, Portuguese, Hawaiian, and Italian.  Each $9.50.


DOGZ has a full bar.

Dining DOGZ Margarita

The Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita at DOGZ includes fresh pineapple, tequila, lime and jalapeño.

There are 26 beers on tap.  Sixteen go directly through the Blizzard and the other 10 are direct-drop taps for craft beers and IPAs.

There are craft cocktails, like the Jalapeño Pineapple Margarita, sweet and spicy.

The Lavender Lemonade starts with Beefeater London Dry Gin, which provides a perfect robust counterpoint to softer lavender extract, simple syrup and lemon juice.

All day, every day, glasses of La Crema are $6 and Bloody Marys are $5.

Important to Know

They have daily specials such as Munchie Monday ($9.50) for a dog and a 12-oz. draft. Fries are free on Friday with an entrée.

There are 38 TVs.  DOGZ has all the sports packages, the Dodgers and UFC PPV events are free.

DOGZ opens at 11 a.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. on weekends. They’re at 5300 E. Second St., in the heart of the Shore. The phone number is 562-433-3907 and the website is www.dogzbarandgrill.com.

Kurt comes to the Gazettes with 30 years experience in broadcasting and journalism. He has produced and/or directed hundreds of television programs, including news, sports, entertainment, election coverage, town meetings and telethons.

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