Jackie Bell Johnson painting

This painting by Jackie Bell Johnson is part of the Small Works exhibit at Flux.

“Small Works in Flux” is an eclectic mix of little works by more than 60 Southern Californian artists. Betsy Lohrer Hall, curator/director of Flux Art Space, invited artists to bring “from one to five works, measuring no more than 8 inches in any direction.”

The works in the show range from tiny handmade drawings to photographs, paintings, mixed media works and sculptures. The exhibition is a changing installation; each week the configuration will be different, with some works rotating in or out and moving to different locations within the space.

“Small Works in Flux” features selections by artists ranging from those beginning their careers to those having international exhibitions and museum shows. Included are professional muralists, educators and curators. The use of space and placement is remarkable, as are the art works, including photos, drawings, assemblage, sculpture and mixed media.

Flux Art Space, celebrating its one-year anniversary with this show, is a curated project space at the front of the Belmont Heights storefront-studio of visual artist Hall. She is an international artist, curator and educator.

Flux helps to connect artists with each other, with art lovers and the art-curious. During its first year, Flux has hosted nine exhibitions, several workshops and talks, and dance performances.

Artists in the show include Kamran Assadi, Andrea Bersaglieri, Terry Braunstein , Victoria Bryan, Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham, Ellen Butler, Debbie Carlson, Jack Chipman, Mary Dessert, Adrienne DeVine, Nick Dynice, Matthew Dumpit, Chris Elliott, Dawn Ertl, Kiyomi Fukui, Dan Gerchik, Juan Gomez, Guerra, RichieDee Hall, Alepsis Hernandez, Rachel Hillberg, Royce Isaac, Jackie Bell Johnson, Nate Jones, Takeshi Kanemura, Henry James Andrew Krusoe, Bill Lane, Connie Lane, David Michael Lee, Eric Leffler, Carole Frances Lung, Karena Massengill, Tim Maxeiner, Chris Miller, Kimiko Miyoshi, Brittany Mojo, John Montich, Jorge Mujica, Hagop Najarian, Michael Nannery, Hilary Norcliffe, May Roded, Michael Stearns, Katie Stubblefield, Young Tseng, Andre Woodward, Claire Paice, Yeltsin Anthony Penado, Alice Marie Perreault, Christian Ramirez, Conchi Sanford, Corrado Gong, Gloria Elisa Margarita Sanchez, Marco Schindelmann, Steven Jay Schmidt, Yong Sin, Soul Full, Laurie Steelink, Annie Stromquist, Yoony Takeuchi, Lena Vieiro Jewels, Alex Fridrich, Christian Salcedo Ward, and others.

Small Works will be on display through Dec. 21 at Flux Art Space, 410 Termino Ave. Hours are 1-6 p.m. Friday, noon-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. There is a closing party from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 21. Admission is free. For more information, go to www.facebook.com/fluxartspace/ or call 562-588-9153.

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