"The Art of Bloom," brought to you by the same people who brought Pow! Wow! to Long Beach, is an immersive, pop-up exhibit in a bit of a pop-up gallery — the Edison Theater.

Be ready for more than a stroll in the park, with real and digital flower petals and accompanying aroma and sound.

In the exhibit’s first room, a lush canopy of white flowers awaits. Sensors in the room read the visitor’s body temperatures, creating a color change in the overhead flowers, as well as in ceiling and floor lights. Visitors are showered with white vellum (parchment) petals.

“The ceiling flowers are real,” explained Daegu Daikoku of Daikoku Design Institute, a Tokyo- and Los Angeles–based design firm, “and the floor colors are more virtual. The petals are a conduit between the virtual space and the real space.”

After experiencing the cascade of falling flower petals, select an installation that provides sensory input via aromatic plant arrangement or have an AR ( augmented reality) experience in the “nature room,” with seven kiosks providing experiences of wind, air, light, shadow, water, space, and time.

The Art of Bloom was produced by Intrend (of Pow! Wow! fame). Julia Huang, president and CEO of Intertrend, comments, “It’s very important that the experience is holistic, incorporating sight, touch, sound, and scent.”

To cultivate the multi-sensory environment, Intertrend and Daikoku worked with Yosh Han, a scent expert; Zac Layman of b1n4ry, an immersive and interactive design practice; Erik Bruner-Yang, a James Beard Award–winning chef; and floral artist Lizbeth Molina.

"The Art of Bloom," an art tech-driven installation, creates a multi-sensory environment highlighting the relationship between flowers, nature, and humans. "The Art of Bloom" is a wonderful indoor corollary to Southern California’s spectacular 2019 seasonal floral bloom, art imitating and enhancing life.

The Art of Bloom runs through Sept. 29 at the Edison Theater, 213 E. Broadway. Hours are noon to 10 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Admission is $24 for adults $18 for students/military/seniors and $12 for children. For information about the exhibit and related events, go to theartofbloom.com/#welcome.

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