Currently showing at the Museum of Latin American Art, "Antología Memento" (Memento Anthology) is a 16-panel installation created by Tomas Ochoa, depicting Colombia’s landscape, architecture, and people. The impression is that of linking the country’s current reality to its hidden past.

The exhibition is concurrently powerful and intimate, seeming to reflect the artist’s interest in social, historical and anthropological topics, actually comparing the shaping of Columbia’s jungles in relationship to urban development. The panels contain a review of scenes, appropriated images, and narratives with a clear reference to Latin American identity.

Lourdes Ramos, Ph.D., president & CEO of MoLAA, said, “Memento is an addition to an international review of the way the artists’ imagination and Latin American art has been presented and appreciated. We are grateful to everybody who has made this exhibition possible and we congratulate the artist on a brilliant trajectory.”

Ochoa is self-taught. He notes that he created his own studies, reading literature, philosophy, anthropology and semiotics. As a multidisciplinary artist, Ochoa uses Latin American society and history as raw material, working with documents and photographs, deconstructs and analyzes these representations in today’s light, using them to understand the complex social reality of today’s world.

The exhibit is not an easy read, but it is worth the time and effort. An analysis of this artist’s work reveals how he identifies historic events, through the use of imagery. Ochoa’s work provokes and challenges. As summarized by Roland Barthes in his book "La cámara lúcida," “his works stab, disturb and confront that ‘vanishing point' which draws back the veil surrounding truth and invites us to investigate it.”

"Memento: An Anthological Exhibition" will be on display through Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020, at MoLAA, 628 Alamitos Ave. Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday and Friday through Sunday, to 9 p.m. Thursday. Admission is $10/$7 for students (w/ID) and seniors (65+). Members and youngsters 12 and younger are free.

For more information, go to or call 562-437-1689. Free admission every Sunday.

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